Renewable Energy & Green Initiatives

Scarinci Hollenbeck’s Renewable Energy and Green Initiatives Practice Group can provide you with the broad range of legal services needed to understand these new environmental and energy issues and to take advantage of the substantial opportunities that may be available to your business, municipality or school district.

Our Philosophy

"Going Green!" Lately, you hear that phrase almost every day – from the mass media, in trade journals, at seminars, at your Chamber of Commerce and other business group meetings – practically everywhere. Discovering what "Going Green" means to your business, municipality or school district will enable you to decide whether an economic investment in this area makes good financial sense even in these challenging times. A complex web of regulations, government programs, financial incentives, leasing issues and practical considerations confront you. You need advice from professionals who understand both the legal and practical business decisions you make every day. At Scarinci Hollenbeck, we see "Going Green" developments as opportunities for businesses, municipalities and school districts. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we might work together to realize these opportunities in this challenging area.

Our Experience

For many years, our land use, environmental and redevelopment attorneys have directed large, complex and challenging projects, including energy projects, through the maze of regulatory agencies that confront developers in New Jersey and the NY/NJ metropolitan region. If you are a developer evaluating whether to move forward with a new energy facility, such as a solar installation or wind project, our attorneys can identify necessary permitting, evaluate the likelihood of obtaining those approvals, and represent you in obtaining approvals.

Advising municipalities and school districts regarding the public contracting process for energy efficiency contracts, solar energy contracts and third party energy contracts.

The following are examples of our experience in dealing with projects in this area:

  • We obtained New Jersey Board of Public Utilities' approval of a power purchase agreement that made one of the first landfill gas-to-energy facilities in the State economically viable. We also provided legal counsel in obtaining a grant from the BPU for another landfill gas-to-energy project. Our work resulted in the siting of these two projects and the sale of gas from a private landfill client for use as fuel. These facilities have a gross capacity of 4.8 MW and 9.4 MW respectively and, combined, they comprise the largest landfill gas-to-energy facility complex in the State.
  • We represent a private company that is constructing a major electric energy conversion facility and transmission capability in multiple counties and municipalities in the State. We obtained numerous land use approvals, environmental permits, site remediation approval, right of way agreements, easement agreements and other necessary approvals and entitlements in connection with this project.
  • We represent building owners and solar installation companies with respect to power purchase agreements.
  • We provided legal counsel to a utilities authority in connection with (i) the sale of carbon credits generated by the authority's voluntary capture and destruction of the methane gas by-product of its landfill operation; and (ii) the construction and operation of a landfill gas-to-energy facility.
  • We represented a major aggregate supply company as it converted its energy supply from diesel to electric to reduce air emissions and fuel consumption.
  • We provide legal counsel to one of the largest recycling companies in the United States.
  • We provide legal counsel to an innovative technology company engaged in conversion of vegetative waste to energy and fertilizer products.
  • We participated in the implementation of a LEED initiative as part of the development of one of the largest commercial projects in New Jersey. We have obtained and are obtaining land use approvals for developers proposing LEED-certified or other Green buildings.

At Scarinci Hollenbeck, we see "Going Green" developments as opportunities for businesses, municipalities and school districts. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we might work together to realize these opportunities in this challenging area.

Areas of Service

Our services include the following:
  • Explain energy efficiency and renewable energy regulations that may provide property owners, tenants, and governmental entities with opportunities to reduce energy costs and increase property values.
  • Help businesses evaluate State and Federal financial incentives, such as Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, and the 30% federal grant or investment tax credit that may make investment in energy efficiency or renewable energy a profitable decision. We can keep business and public clients updated on the constantly changing laws, regulations and governmental programs and incentives in this area.
  • Help property owners and tenants structure deals to maximize the financial benefits from investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives, particularly solar installations.
  • To maximize the economic benefits of the installation of solar, wind or energy efficiency improvements, we can help identify vendors and contractors, negotiate and draft the relevant agreements with vendors, and assist with obtaining the maximum financial incentives and tax credits.
  • Obtain approvals from local, state and/or federal regulatory agencies and other government entities required for new energy systems or improvements, such as solar and wind installations.
  • Analyze LEED and other green building standards for builders, property owners, municipalities or school districts that are considering new construction or substantial renovations. We can also assist in selecting certified contractors, identifying and applying for State and Federal financial incentives related to the project, and obtaining necessary permit approvals.