Environmental Remediation Management

Our Approach
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Our Approach

Our team is primarily devoted to assisting owners, leaseholders, equity holders, PRPs, and government entities with coordinating project development, developing remediation strategies and management of project related environmental and remediation requirements. Toward this end we will, on their behalf, coordinate and manage technical consultants and environmental regulatory obligations from the planning and development stages to site remediation and compliance with post-remedy obligations.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in representing both public and private entities in the planning, development, environmental management, remediation and coordination with regulatory agencies at the State, Federal and local levels regarding site development and remediation. As project representatives, we will engage with technical consultants to develop environmental and remediation strategies and green practices for incorporation in the construction and development of projects. We will also manage long-term environmental compliance requirements as part of site remediation.

Our team has acted as counsel for countless development and remediation projects in the commercial, industrial and public sector areas. As such, we have developed extensive experience in working with numerous technical consultants and environmental regulatory agencies at every discipline level involving all aspects of project development, environmental oversight and remediation. In fulfilling our project role, we will seek to establish innovative site remediation strategies and technologies and their incorporation into site planning and development strategies.