Business Entity Formations

The experience and expertise of our attorneys in their diverse practice areas are brought to bear in counseling clients in making and implementing these critical organizational decisions.

Our Approach
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Our Approach

Among the services provided by Scarinci Hollenbeck is advice and counseling as to the kind of business entity that will best meet our client’s needs, and that will facilitate the attainment of their business objectives. Once the appropriate form of business entity is determined, we then assist our clients in forming the chosen business entity, including the preparation and negotiation of the necessary organizational documents.

The variety of business entities available to clients includes C-corporations, S-corporations, not-for-profit corporations, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies. Each of these business entities has its advantages and disadvantages, which in turn implicate diverse practice areas.

For example, among the relevant considerations in deciding upon the appropriate form of business entity are: the extent and scope of liability protection; the state and federal income tax consequences; the flexibility afforded clients in tailoring their desired governance, equity structures, and financial arrangements; the ease of organization and operation; and the extent of the required statutory formalities and their attendant administrative costs.