Our Approach

The American business system is based on free and open competition subject to the rules of the marketplace. Sometimes those rules are violated. For example, a competitor may tortiously interfere with a client’s contract or its anticipated economic benefits. The wrongdoer may infringe on the client’s copyrights or trademarks, spread defamatory statements about the client, raid its employees or attempt to steal its trade secrets. The competitor may even try to monopolize a market in violation of State and Federal antitrust laws. On the other hand, at times claims are made that a client has wrongfully conducted itself in the market when, in fact, it has merely engaged in legitimate competition.

At Scarinci Hollenbeck our attorneys understand the rules of the marketplace and when they have or have not been transgressed. If our client’s interests are being irreparably injured, we are prepared to seek immediate injunctive relief. If damage has already occurred, we will seek compensatory and punitive damages, and, for antitrust violations, treble damages. Our attorneys include a former state antitrust prosecutor, who has written published articles concerning business torts. He and others of our litigators have handled numerous cases involving claims of misconduct in the marketplace.

Core Practices