Creditor Collections

Scarinci Hollenbeck assists clients with all forms of creditor collection, including, secured and unsecured debts. Our matters can be simple or complex.

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Our Approach

We provide service in the collection and recovery of debts owed to businesses, organizations, property owners, financial institutions, or individuals. Often, the best step in resolving debt issues is a legal one. In many instances, the mere presence and participation of a knowledgeable creditors’ attorney can bring a reluctant debtor to heel. In some cases, litigation is necessary. Either way, the Creditor Collections Group uses innovative and collaborative fee structures with its clients in order to help reduce legal expenses and maximize our clients’ total net recovery.

The Group also provides advice and assistance in reducing future debt collection problems. By helping clients develop business contracts and procedures that reduce the risk of litigation going forward, and by drafting clear contract provisions that set the terms more favorably for our clients in the event they do face litigation in the future, the Creditor Collections Group helps set the table for effective, expedited collections and the prospect of maximum recovery.