Our Approach

Our attorneys provide advice to clients at all stages of an examination at the federal or state levels. We have tremendous experience in representing taxpayers in examinations, appeals and in court, if necessary.

Our attorneys are well versed in the substantive law of income, sales and use, corporate, and estate and gift tax. They are able to formulate defenses under the existing laws and regulations and to advance positions favorable to the taxpayer. More importantly, they are able to identify and refute erroneous positions advanced by government agents who posture in the hope of extracting a favorable settlement from a taxpayer or construct a position not rooted in law or regulation.

All areas of taxation provide for administrative appeals where the findings of an agent or auditor may be challenged. In this arena, many cases are settled because of the strength of the arguments crafted by counsel and due to skillful negotiation. Our attorneys are adept are garnering information from the government in this process and are able to advise taxpayers of the challenges before them.

Finally, many individuals and businesses need assistance in dealing with their tax liabilities that exceed their resources. Our attorneys are skilled in the process of preparing and submitting an Offer and Compromise or in working out a payment plan. Often a complete and well-crafted submission will gain favor from the examiner because of the proper time and attention it has received, making it easier for the examiner to make a recommendation.

Our attorneys invite your inquiries into our possible representation of you.

Core Practices