Our Approach

The attorneys in this practice group include members of the Patent Bar, litigators, and true business and legal problem-solvers. We recognize that our clients’ trademarks, patents, copyrights, proprietary technology, and trade secrets are among their most valuable assets and that securing the protection of such IP will ensure long-lasting benefits.

We advise and represent companies of all sizes, worldwide, who are seeking to maximize, maintain, and protect their intellectual property portfolios. We represent individuals and corporate clients, providing access to full-service, business-driven dynamic IP counseling that evolves with the globally changing IP environment. The firm handles all aspects of domestic and international IP matters, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, IP enforcement and defense, IP licenses and agreements, domain names, software services, counterfeit protection, unfair competition, and IP counseling and audit services. We help clients manage their IP while developing practical and creative solutions that secure their property and information at home and around the world.

We help facilitate our clients’ exploitation of their intellectual property rights through various licensing and joint venture arrangements. We also counsel clients regarding the validity and valuation of intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and asset purchases. When necessary, our experienced attorneys are always prepared to enforce and protect our clients’ IP rights through litigation in jurisdictions across the United States, and in conjunction with foreign counsel throughout the world.

Even more, we handle insurance coverage matters on issues including Advertising Injury, Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, Patent Infringement, Trade Dress (Packaging) Infringement, and Misappropriation of Trade Secrets and Confidential Information.

Tailored Solutions – Competitive Prices

Intellectual property law is at the core of many business transactions and strategic disputes and is one of the most critical legal areas as companies continue to expand and protect their technologies, brands, products, data and services throughout the world. Our attorneys help our clients to identify, prioritize and protect their core and expanding interests with trademark filings, patent filings, and other appropriate protective and growth measures.

The firm represents clients in an array of industries. The intellectual property needs of retail clients, designers, writers, musicians, and artists, inventors, hospitality providers, consumer goods companies, e-commerce platforms, and software developers differ. Additionally, depending on a company’s stage of development, the intellectual property protections and plans required will also differ. In light of this, the firm advises clients by providing business-tailored recommendations and protection plan options, along with a spectrum of intellectual property considerations which are essential in a given context.

The firm is deeply committed to ensuring that startups and small companies in all industries have access to reasonably priced intellectual property protection. As such, Scarinci Hollenbeck offers startup clients fixed fees, capped fees and structured payments when appropriate. By ensuring that clients are protected at the outset, the firm builds lasting relationships with companies that will continue to rely on the firm’s services as they grow and evolve. The firm is open to non-traditional payment arrangements under a variety of circumstances.