Civil Rights

Our Civil Rights sub-group has built a solid reputation for managing multifaceted constitutional law claims against our municipal clients in Federal and State Courts.

Our Approach
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Our Approach

Civil rights claims often are intertwined with complex tort claims, including claims made under New Jersey’s Wrongful Death Act. Often, the facts of these cases bring with them the need to recognize and factor heightened sensitivities. Yet we have been successful in navigating through difficult fact patterns and achieving positive results. In all, our civil rights litigation sub-group, Litigation Chair Robert E. Levy, and other attorneys at Scarinci Hollenbeck, are dedicated to and highly capable of achieving the best results for our clients, whether they are individuals or entities, when they are confronted with civil rights and other constitutionally based complaints.

We have successfully prosecuted civil rights claims and defended clients against civil rights complaints, including those alleging First Amendment violations, Due Process and Equal Protection violations, Age and Sex Discrimination claims and other violations of the United States and State Constitutions. In the process, we have strived to and have achieved a balance between the ardent defense of our clients and the serious application of Constitutional law. It is this combination of an intricate investigation and knowledge of the facts of a case applied to the practiced understanding of Constitutional jurisprudence that allows us to manage best the defense of cases with our clients. We have represented our clients in many precedent setting cases in both the Federal and State Courts. We have been retained by state and local legislative bodies to provide analysis of constitutional questions presented to them.


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