Crisis & Risk Management

Practice Leader

Scarinci Hollenbeck’s Crisis and Risk Management Group provides clients with innovative, real-time solutions aimed at not only addressing a rapidly evolving crisis or emergency but also assessing potential threats and finding the best ways to avoid or mitigate those threats.

Our Approach

The Crisis and Risk Management practice group is unique to Scarinci Hollenbeck. Our attorneys assist organizations and individuals with all aspects of emergency response, including crisis assessment, development and implementation of crisis response plans and internal policies and procedures, and evacuation plans. We have extensive experience in the growing field of risk management, including the identification of potential threats and the development of practical solutions that offer the best ways to avoid or mitigate those threats. The Crisis and Risk Management group mobilizes an interdisciplinary team of professionals and assists with the implementation of response strategies aimed at addressing rapidly evolving crises. The group is comprised of former law enforcement officials, including federal and state prosecutors and lawyers recognized as leaders in their respective fields of law. Together, the team works to provide clients with innovative, real-time solutions that help create a safer, more profitable work environment.

Our Services

Emergency Response

Our Crisis Management attorneys understand that sophisticated crisis management counseling begins long before disaster strikes. We work closely with clients to develop custom-tailored crisis management plans, including establishing appropriate metrics for determining when and how to implement an effective crisis response.

In today’s fast-paced and globalized business environment, organizations are more vulnerable than ever. Advancements in technology continue to shape business operations and relations and, as a result, organizations face new and complex challenges every day. We provide counseling to help prepare clients for a wide variety of crises, from large-scale data breaches, to internal corporate investigations, to federal investigations and oversight, to high-profile reputational threats, to natural disasters.

Our local access to federal and state authorities and a global alliance of legal and technical professionals enable our team to address the most urgent of client needs. We are acutely aware of the financial and public relations fallout that often result from an unexpected crisis, and mobilize our interdisciplinary team of professionals to mitigate unexpected consequences.

We have extensive experience in technology, banking and finance, consumer protection, employment, international law, intellectual property, health care, and litigation. In addition, our lawyers have hands-on business experience that enables them to provide strategic business consulting on all aspects of information policy, including privacy, information security, and records management.

Reputational Threats

When an unexpected event occurs that could have a negative impact on an organization’s or individual’s reputation, our team coordinates efforts to communicate accurately and effectively with the public and stakeholders while at the same time maintaining focus on the legal aspect of the crisis. Crises impacting one’s reputation may include misdeeds, skewed management decisions, deceptive acts, and misconduct. The stakes are high when discontented individuals and special interest groups fight individuals, businesses, and other interest groups to win acceptance of their demands and expectations. These threats usually occur in the form of boycotts, picketing, sit-ins, ultimatums to those in authority, blockade or occupation of buildings, resisting or disobeying authority, and Internet defamation.

White Collar Criminal Defense

Our team represents clients in a variety of criminal matters, including the defense of allegations of white collar crimes. Our criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors and certified criminal trial attorneys. We have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses that are summoned as witnesses before federal and state grand jury proceedings. We conduct internal investigations for businesses that suspect wrongdoing by their employees and agents. In the event criminal charges or regulatory offenses are filed, we provide strategic counseling to our clients from the outset and stand with them through trial.