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Will COVID-19 Prompt an Uptick in White-Collar Crime Investigations?

Will COVID-19 Prompt an Uptick in White-Collar Crime Investigations?

Author: Gregg H. HilzerDate: May 27, 2020

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may be slowing the pace at which white-collar crimes are prosecuted, it would be unwise to expect that the pace of white-collar investigations will slow.  In fact, the current pandemic is likely to trigger a wave of new fraud investigations, with a focus on price gouging, financial fraud, and misuse of COVID-19 relief funds.

Like all of us, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing federal agents, prosecutors and other government officials to change how they do their jobs.  For a variety of reasons, many court operations, particularly criminal proceedings, have been subject to significant delay.  While this delay may result in a short-term reduction in white-collar proceedings, state and federal officials have made it clear that they will be marshaling their resources to investigate and prosecute COVID-19 related fraud.

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