New Jersey Developers Can Now Apply for Land-Use Permits Online

May 30, 2019
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The NJDEP Recently Launched an Electronic Submission System for New Jersey Developers Applying for Certain Land-Use Permits

New Jersey developers can now apply for certain land-use permits through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP) E-Submissions system. The new system went online on May 1, 2019.

New Jersey Developers Can Now Apply for Land-Use Permits Online

Streamlining Environmental Permit Requirements

Previously, the New Jersey Electronic Environmental (E2) Reporting System facilitated the electronic submission of certain reports to the NJDEP, such as Electronic Drinking Water Reports (DWR) related to the Safe Drinking Water Act; New Jersey Quantitation Limit (NJQL) reports for Office of Quality Assurance lab certification program; and Private Well Testing Reporting under the Private Well Testing Act (PWTA). However, most other documents had to be filed in paper form.

The move to e-filing is part of a larger initiative by Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration to modernize government services, including streamlining and digitizing the permitting process. The first iteration of the NJDEP’s system will be incorporated into the NJDEP’s existing permitting portal. Future updates and improvements are planned, the agency said.

Overall, the NJDEP is hoping that online filing will increase transparency and ease paperwork, while also reducing costs for the regulated community. It should also allow developers to more readily check the status of their applications and speed up the NJDEP’s decision-making process.

“This system will hold applicants to the same rigorous environmental requirements we have always expected while helping us do our job more effectively,” Deputy Commissioner Debbie Mans said. “It will also reduce costs for businesses and residents while greatly enhancing transparency by providing all information uploaded into the system to the public through the DEP’s online database system.”

NJDEP’s New E-Submissions System

The E-Submissions system will be available for the filing of all major land use permits, including all Flood Hazard Area Individual Permits and General Permits, all Freshwater Wetlands Individual Permits and General Permits, all Coastal Zone Management and Waterfront Development Individual Permits and General Permits, all Meadowlands District Water Quality Certificates, and Flood Hazard Verifications that come in as part of a permit application.

Applicants will initially be able to submit applications either online or by mail, which gives the public the opportunity to become familiar with the system and for the DEP to fine-tune it. In 2020, submitting applications through the online system will become mandatory, following formal rulemaking.

The new E-Submissions system queries the user on a series of questions. Users will be able to stop, save and return to their application at a later time. Buttons will be available that users can access to learn more or better understand questions. Users will be unable to proceed in the system if they don’t provide certain information.

“This system is designed to be easy to use and is similar in design and setup to popular online tax-preparation programs and will help significantly reduce mistakes and common errors that can cause problems,” the NJDEP stated. The agency also stated that the new process will essentially ensure that applications are administratively complete by the time they’re submitted.

For more information on the system and to file applications electronically, visit https://nj.gov/dep/landuse/eservices/lur_auth_permits.html

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