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Monmouth Mall Redesign Project Receives Favorable 7 to 1 Approval

Monmouth Mall Redesign Project Receives Favorable 7 to 1 Approval

Author: Scarinci HollenbeckDate: July 17, 2018

Red Bank, NJ, July 18, 2018 – Scarinci Hollenbeck, Scarinci Hollenbeck, Attorneys at Law, successfully received a seven to one vote from the Eatontown Planning Board in favor of its client who sought approval for its Monmouth Mall redesign plans. The client, a major real estate developer, was granted approval from the Board to move forward with its Monmouth Mall redesign plans to convert the property into a “live, work and play” destination. The long-awaited approval comes after a series of roughly seven hearings and over two years of planning.

The ambitious redevelopment project calls for a major redesign and expansion of the Monmouth Mall. The design will increase the leasable space from 1.54 million square feet to 1.62 million square feet. It will also include the addition of 700 residential apartment units as well as spaces for entertainment, recreation, shopping, dining and even medical offices. The plan to redevelop the mall serves as a response to the issue of a declining brick and mortar retail industry due to the emergence and popularity of online retailers such as Amazon.

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