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Are You Ready to Comply with NYC’s Biometric Privacy Law?

Are You Ready to Comply with NYC’s Biometric Privacy Law?

Author: Maryam M. MesehaDate: June 18, 2021

New York City’s biometric privacy ordinance is slated to take effect on July 9, 2021. The new law requires businesses to notify customers if they collect, retain, or share biometric information. 

Under New York City’s biometric privacy ordinance, any commercial establishment that collects, retains, converts, stores or shares biometric identifier information of customers must disclose such activity by placing a “clear and conspicuous” sign near all of the commercial establishment’s customer entrances. The disclosure must notify customers in “plain, simple language” that customers’ biometric identifier information is being collected, retained, converted, stored or shared, as applicable. The ordinance also makes it “unlawful to sell, lease, trade, share in exchange for anything of value or otherwise profit from the transaction of biometric identifier information.”

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