A-Rod May Bring Lawsuit Against MLB Before Arbitrator Hears Case

September 23, 2013
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Alex Rodriguez‘s appeal of his 211-game doping suspension is set to begin on September 30, but the Yankees third baseman may not wait until then to bring a lawsuit against MLB (Major League Baseball).

Under sports law, Alex Rodriguez may choose to file a federal lawsuit against MLB, which would disrupt and challenge MLB’s disciplinary process before arbitrator Fredric Horowitz has a chance to make any determinations in the suspension or even hear the facts of the scenario, according to sources from New York Daily News. In response to claims from the MLB that is has uncovered a “mountain of evidence” that connects A-Rod to Biogenesis and the performance-enhancing drug usage that was allegedly facilitated by the Miami company.

Lawsuit Against MLB

However, sources close to the matter note that Alex Rodriguez and his attorneys are considering countering those accusations through a lawsuit against MLB that argues that the New York Yankees have conspired to exile Rodriguez as a way to try and void the remainder of his sports contract.

Bringing a lawsuit against the MLB using those tactics may be challenging for Alex Rodriguez, particularly in the absence of documents, materials, or other types of evidence to promote his claims. However, Rodriguez may be in a position to argue that the aggressive or controversial tactics used by Major League Baseball investigators during the Biogenesis investigation resulted in defamation of his character, especially after the league leaked information about its findings to the media. Some sports commentators are also considering whether Alex Rodriguez will go as far as to argue that the MLB’s investigation and actions interfered with his contract with the Yankees.

If Alex Rodriguez and his team amass enough legal support to take the matter to court, the results could potentially lead to a more lucrative settlement for the Yankees player.