Former NBA Union Exec Filed a Lawsuit Against President Derek Fisher

May 22, 2013
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Billy Hunter, ousted National Basketball Players Association executive director, filed a lawsuit against the union and its new president, Derek Fisher, in a California Superior Court.

Billy Hunter is suing the parties for defamation and breach of contract stemming from his dismissal, alleging that a secret deal reached between Fisher and publicist Jamie Wior to end the 2011 lockout undermined Hunter’s agreement and interfered with his position. He also asserts that the secret negotiations serve as a violation of sports law as well as the union’s bylaws and that Fisher and Wior conspired ”to terminate his employment without cause and in violation of his contract.”

Billy Hunter

Billy Hunter was removed from his position in February after an investigation into his conduct indicated questionable business decisions, poorly judged hiring practices, and conflicts of interest, according to The Associated Press. However, Hunter alleges that Wior and Fisher actively manipulated the investigation and sought to ruin his character and reputation.

“It’s unfortunate that I must take this action against an organization where I had the privilege of working with many dedicated associates over 17 years,” Hunter said in a statement. “I’m proud of our record of achievement on behalf of players during my tenure as executive director and will continue to stand up for their interests. But I cannot let stand attacks on my character or accept what has been done.”