3 Tips for Choosing an NFL Agent

December 29, 2015
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Taking the right steps in choosing an NFL agent

choosing an NFL agentNow is the time when many college football players toward the end of their careers are preparing for the next step, which means choosing an NFL agent to help get them there – the NFL.

Choosing an NFL agent is an important decision for individuals aspiring to make their marks in the world’s foremost professional football league. Plenty of thought has to go into whether the right decision is being made. For this reason, there are certain things that college players should keep in mind when they search for the individual who will help guide their career as they step up to the NFL. Individuals who work to find the right agent can build the foundation for a long and productive career. Here are a few things to be mindful of while looking for an agent:

“Choosing an NFL agent is an important decision.”

3 tips for choosing an NFL agent

  • 1. An agent with a good reputation

Reputation is important, and college football players who hope to move on to the NFL should find an agent with a good one. A well-known, financially secure expert on sports law and the NFL can help ensure individuals end up with contracts throughout their careers that are beneficial, and take their needs into consideration. It is important to avoid skimping on reputation for what seems like a better deal.

  • 2. Avoid individuals who lack accessibility

The best agents are always there for the players they represent. It is crucial to find someone who won’t disappear in favor of bigger clients or other opportunities leading up to the draft or contract signings. Prioritize accessibility in the search for an agent. An agent who is always willing to answer a text or take a call from a client, and allay any of his concerns, is one to look out for when seeking out representation.

It is important to find an agent who can put together a unique and long-term strategy for your successful football career.

  • 3. Make a plan the priority

A good agent should have a plan for each player he or she represents. When meeting with potential representation, it is important for players to make sure the individuals they consider have unique plans designed for them. An agent with a strategy designed to fit strengths and weaknesses is willing to put the time into individual clients and work to maximize the potential of each one’s NFL contracts. This means an agent who has substantial experience negotiating deals for athletes, who, as a result, can put together a realistic and beneficial path to a career in the NFL.

Choosing an NFL agent is a significant step in any football player’s career. It is important to choose the one who will do the most to improve one’s chances of carving out a long and successful course in the league. Look for an expert in sports law and the NFL to help you work with teams and negotiate contracts.