Major films have numerous individuals a part of their production team who work to keep things running smoothly. Without these people an important detail may be glossed over, or an essential step skipped. As a producer you should always make sure to have a well-rounded team. Below is a list of the people you will need on your production team before you kick off filming:

The production team

A film production team is made up of several key players, here are 4 of them.

A partner

One thing that is certainly true about film production is that it is not easy. There is plenty of work to do, and often not enough time to get it all done. For this reason it is often helpful for a producer to enlist a partner to help him or her with the project. If the production is small enough, this may not be necessary, but keep in mind sometimes you just can't do everything, and that is when a partner comes in handy.

A production accountant

A producer, and possibly his or her partner, likely has so much to do already, the tedium of accounting probably isn't something that sounds particularly alluring. An accountant and/or bookkeeper can be hired freelance, and will take care of the things many people hate to even think about like balancing the books and data entry. Sticking to a budget is difficult, but this member of your team will make it a bit easier.

A sales agent

A film producer may not have a long list of contacts in the distribution sphere of things. This is where a sales agent - or company - can come in. This person will make sure that a film makes it to places where audiences will have a chance to view it. A good sales agent or team will make sure that in time word of the film spreads beyond the people who produced it.

An entertainment lawyer

Any sort of business in the entertainment world will require a knowledgeable attorney. There are plenty of legal entanglements one can stumble into without the help of a quality entertainment attorney. This individual will serve as a safety net of sorts, as well as a source of actionable advice.

The right film production team is necessary to make sure any project is completed properly. The individuals above will all help get a film off the ground and into the hands of viewers smoothly. There are plenty of members of a production team, but the four above are some of the most important. For more on how to get a film project going speak with an entertainment law attorney for advice.