The CEO of a growing cyber security network company calls me and asks, “Do you know a corporate business attorney near me you can recommend?” I replied, “Of course I do!” That is exactly what I do. I help business owners and entrepreneurs identify the right kind of attorney that will fit their legal needs and help them create a trusting relationship with a talented attorney.

Lawyers are like Doctors

Lawyers are like doctors. You do not see a foot doctor for a heart problem. As a legal marketer and business development agent with nearly 70 corporate attorneys at the ready, I can direct the caller to someone that I believe will fit their needs. If I am unable to recommend someone within Scarinci Hollenbeck, I take the time to identify an attorney from our “friendly attorneys" list. Helping someone goes a long way, even if it’s a recommendation or simply pointing them in the right direction.

Why Scarinci Hollenbeck is a Good Choice for a “Business Attorney Near Me”

A CEO new to their position will likely be more comfortable knowing that there is an attorney nearby that can be counted upon to provide expert legal advice, in-person meetings, local court appearances when needed, and a skilled negotiation presence — all in accordance with their corporate budget.

For decades, Scarinci Hollenbeck has been assisting C-level executives and in-house counsel with their legal needs. In addition to having a broad base of knowledge and experience, our corporate attorneys work closely with the other practice groups throughout the firm to effectively serve our clients. Accordingly, we have the breadth of experience necessary to advise corporations on the most sophisticated issues and applications of the law.

Unfortunately, many new CEOs and other top corporate executives don’t consult with a business lawyer until after they are faced with a lawsuit. That’s like waiting to hire an accountant until after you file your taxes; it’s counterproductive.

Benefits of Retaining a Corporate Business Lawyer

An experienced New Jersey business attorney like Alex Spiro can help with nearly every aspect of successfully running your business, from negotiating a commercial lease to drafting employee policies to fulfilling corporate disclosure obligations. Scarinci Hollenbeck routinely provides guidance in the following areas:

  • Contracts: Almost every transaction your business undertakes will involve some sort of contract. A business attorney can draft and review all of your agreements to ensure that your rights are protected. When a breach occurs, we can help minimize your losses.
  • Corporate Transactions and Disclosures: Public and private securities offerings require significant planning and paperwork that can quickly become overwhelming. In addition to representing clients in corporate transactions, we can also provide advice on a broad range of governance matters, including corporate control, fiduciary duty and liability issues, and shareholder agreements.
  • Cybersecurity: Statistics show that nearly all companies will fall victim to a cyber attack. The question is: will you be prepared? Our team can advise corporations on creating data privacy policies and cyber incidence response plans, as well as compliance with the growing number of cybersecurity regulations.
  • Real Estate: Development is booming in many parts of New Jersey. Our attorneys have secured development rights for some of the largest office, retail, industrial, and multi-family development and redevelopment projects in the region. With regard to complex commercial leases, our experienced negotiators can help secure the most favorable terms for your business.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Increasing regulatory volume and complexity pose one of the greatest risks to corporations. Obtaining outside advice for your organization’s regulatory and compliance issues can help avoid costly oversights and provide a valuable “outside” perspective of your corporate compliance environment.
  • Employment Issues: Businesses of all sizes must deal with labor and employment issues. As federal and state laws become more numerous and complex, it can be difficult to keep pace. Unfortunately, making a wage and hour mistake or failing to properly investigate a discrimination claim result in significant liability. Our lawyers not only advise corporations facing employment claims, but also aid in the establishment of employment practices and preventive programs that minimize the potential for litigation.
  • Intellectual Property: It is essential for businesses to protect their brand, inventions, designs, and images. A business attorney can file trademark, patent, and copyright applications, as well as help you enforce your IP rights.
  • Litigation: An experienced business attorney can help resolve business disputes and avoid costly liability. In addition to being skilled courtroom advocates, our attorneys are also experienced in alternative dispute mechanisms, such as arbitration and mediation. 

If you are a New Jersey or New York business owner or entrepreneur seeking to speak with an attorney but aren’t sure who you should contact, please call me, Peter Moeller, at 201-806-3364. I will listen to your needs and recommend an attorney that I believe will be a good match for you.