Lyndhurst, NJ, May 1, 2013 - Scarinci Hollenbeck is pleased to announce the formation of a new legal practice group as part of its ongoing strategic plan to integrate new legal specialties that address clients’ changing legal needs – Cyber Security & Data Protection. The Cyber Security & Data Protection group, headed by Scarinci Hollenbeck partner and industry pioneer Fernando M. Pinguelo, expands the firm’s Crisis Management offerings to effectively address client emergencies. “The experience and professionalism Fernando Pinguelo brings to this firm with this newly formed group continues our commitment to offer services that were previously only available to clients of boutique and larger national law firms,” said Donald Scarinci, Managing Partner of the firm.

Cyber Crime is a dangerous aspect of the Internet Age and one that individuals, businesses, and government agencies must effectively counteract. Becoming the victim of a data security breach can leave companies open to costly ramifications and reputational damage. As technology advances, people and criminal enterprises find innovative ways to illegally access and use private and proprietary information. The cost of these attacks to the global economy is estimated to exceed $1.5 trillion.

Scarinci Hollenbeck recognizes the inherent risks that come with technological innovation and the Internet Age as a whole. Pinguelo and his interdisciplinary team of professionals assembled in creating the Cyber Security & Data Protection group will represent individuals, mid-sized businesses, large corporations, and government agencies in developing crisis management strategies by implementing data breach response programs and assist clients in understanding and complying with the web of international, national, state, and local laws and standards that regulate the collection, use, sharing, and protection of personal data.

The group works closely with business executives, in-house counsel, as well as HR and IT managers to develop strategies for managing business and legal issues relating to electronic data. The group focuses client attention on preventing claims and pursues strategies that enhance a client’s ability to manage data-essential precautions because of the financial and public relations fallout that often result from high-profile data breaches.

“Our Cyber Security & Data Protection Group is prepared to assist clients with the coordination of criminal and civil responses following a data breach. Businesses have a responsibility to shareholders, employees, and customers to safeguard proprietary, confidential, and trade-secret information,” explained Pinguelo. He continued, “Our local access to federal and state authorities and a global alliance of legal and technical professionals enable our team to address the most urgent of client needs.”

More information about Fernando M. Pinguelo and the Cyber Security & Data Protection Group can be found at: