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COVID-19 Highlights Importance of Understanding the Guardianship Process

COVID-19 Highlights Importance of Understanding the Guardianship Process

Author: Joel N. KreizmanDate: January 22, 2021

It is always advisable for individuals to express their own wishes regarding whom they want to manage their affairs if they become unable, which is traditionally done through a power of attorney. However, situations may arise when someone needs to be appointed after a person unexpectedly becomes incapacitated. COVID-19, unfortunately, is now among the examples of causes for the need to appoint a guardian. Such need may also occur following strokes, traumatic brain injuries, or quickly advancing diseases/mental illness.

When an individual can no longer manage his or her own affairs as a result of a mental or physical disability, the court may appoint a guardian to make personal and/or financial decisions on the individual’s behalf. The legal process can be complicated, and family members should understand what to expect.

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