The New Jersey State League of Municipalities Annual Conference will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 17-19, 2015.  Mr. Scagnelli is the League Environmental Counsel.  Both sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, November 18.At the first session “Pipelines: What’s the Lay of the Land” Mr. Scagnelli and his co-panelists  will provide municipal officials with an overview of the issues relating to several New Jersey pipeline projects which are either already approved or proposed in the State.  Advocates for the pipelines contend that they will result in reduced heat and electrical costs, spur job creation, reduce traffic, and result in less pollution.  Pipeline opponents contend that the pipelines will cross preserved open space and farmland and infringe on local land use decisions and property rights.

At the second session, Municipalities and the Site Remediation Reform Act” (SRRA), Mr. Scagnelli and his co-panelists will discuss issues of interest to municipalities regarding contaminated sites within their boundaries, including how SRAA affects municipalities with contaminated sites, the legal requirements for municipalities relating to remediation of those sites, and municipal New Jersey Spill Act defenses to liability.  There will also be a discussion of bringing contaminated sites back to productive use and the existing tools available to municipalities and developers to facilitate remediation.

The New Jersey State League of Municipalities is an association of New Jersey municipalities formed in 1915 in which all 565 New Jersey municipalities are members, which includes over 560 mayors and 13,000 elected and appointed officials.

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John M. Scagnelli’s environmental law practice encompasses the entire environmental law field, including environmental compliance, environmental litigation, environmental auditing, environmental permitting and environmental counseling. He serves as environmental counsel for banks and lending institutions, commercial and industrial companies, states and municipalities, real estate development organizations, and other organizations. His environmental work includes remediation projects and litigation relating to state environmental statutes.

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