Fernando M. Pinguelo Appointed to the Technology Committee of the HNBA

December 4, 2015
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Scarinci Hollenbeck is proud to announce Fernando M. Pinguelo, (CIPP/US), Partner at the firm and chair of its Cyber Security & Data Protection and Crisis Management groups on his appointment to the Technology Committee of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA).

Mr.Pinguelo will assist the Committee in advancing technology and related initiatives that impact Hispanic professionals and the U.S. Latino population in general at the local, state and federal levels.

Cyber Security Lawyer, Fernando Pinguelo to speak on ethical issues affecting ediscovery, Crisis and Risk Management. Fernando also works closely with the firm's cyber security and data protection law practice.

Fernando M. Pinguelo, Esq.

Mr. Pinguelo has garnered an international reputation as a thought leader on the emerging practices of cyber law and electronic discovery, on which he has frequently lectured and authored numerous books and articles. Among his many distinctions, Pinguelo is Chair of the NJSBA Privacy Law Special Committee. His passion for cyber security and data protection have earned him mention in numerous local, national and international syndications.

He explained that “Now, more than ever before, businesses are extremely vulnerable to cyber hacking, since they are sources for confidential and proprietary information.”

He continued, “The Committee’s efforts will offer resources and information to help counteract the risk.”

The HNBA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, national membership dedicated to enriching and diversifying the legal profession, judiciary, and legislature through improved recruitment, retention, and promotion of Latinos, including targeted identification and endorsement and/or promotion of highly-qualified Latino candidates for legal positions including but not limited to judicial and legislative openings at the state and federal level.

Contact Information:

Fernando M. Pinguelo, Esq.

About Fernando M. Pinguelo:
Fernando M. Pinguelo, a trial attorney and Chair of the firm’s Cyber Security & Data Protection and E-Discovery groups, devotes his practice to complex litigation with an emphasis on cyber security, data privacy, media and employment matters. A former prosecutor, Fernando’s experience addresses all facets of litigation (trial, mediation, arbitration, appellate) in both federal and state courts and he regularly handles “crisis litigation,” including emergency applications with the courts. Most recently, the leading global information services company retained him to address data breach incident reportedly involving the theft of 15 million customers’ sensitive data.

Additional information and resources:

Cyber Security & Data Protection Law Group: https://scarincihollenbeck.com/practices/cyber-security-and-data-protection/

Crisis & Risk Management: https://scarincihollenbeck.com/practices/crisis-risk-management/

eDiscovery: https://scarincihollenbeck.com/practices/e-discovery/

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