Donald Scarinci, partner at Scarinci Hollenbeck, will moderate a panel with James Madison and Alexander Hamilton who will appear in full period wardrobe and manner to create a real life experience. Their parts will be played by William G. Chrystal as Alexander Hamilton and James Douglass Hall as James Madison. Both men are scholars in their field and portray their character in an entertaining, informative and quite believable way. “The Constitution of the United States was not written as a sacred text,” said Donald Scarinci. “It is a living document that derives its life and relevance from the great legal minds who have been selected as its custodians through the centuries.” cle-creditsJames Madison will talk about his life as a lawyer and statesmen. He served as a member of the Confederation Congress and was a key organizer of the constitutional convention of 1787. After ratification he served as a member of the first House of Representatives and introduced the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution. Madison went on to serve as Secretary of State for Thomas Jefferson and became the fourth President of the United States in 1808. Alexander Hamilton was a Colonel in George Washington’s continental army. He participated as a member of the Confederation Congress where he met James Madison. He was a delegate to the constitutional convention of 1787 and became a key proponent for ratification where he authored the Federalist Papers along with James Madison and John Jay. Hamilton became the first Secretary of the Treasury and a successful lawyer in New York. He was fatally wounded in a duel with Aaron Burr in 1804. “History portrays the founding fathers with God-like reverence. As attorneys we often attempt to interpret their understanding of the Constitution and we defer to them as authority. In reality, the founders were just ordinary people trying to cope with the day to day problems of life in 18th Century America,” Scarinci said. For more information about the upcoming NJICLE seminars, check out their website.


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