On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, Libby Babu Varghese, Counsel, will be speaking at a workshop entitled, “The Basics of Intellectual Property”. The workshop, organized by SCORE Westchester, will be held at the SCORE Headquarters in White Plains, New York. According to SCORE, the workshop is designed to “help entrepreneurs and small businesses better understand the different types of IP and how to protect them.”

“I am always thrilled to participate in workshops organized by SCORE. Not many business owners realize the immense value of their company’s intellectual property, so a workshop such as this is a great introduction to IP and how it relates to a business’ bottom line,” stated Ms. Varghese. “I am grateful for the opportunity to share the knowledge I have accrued over the years and I look forward to tomorrow,” she continued.

To learn more about SCORE's “The Basics of Intellectual Property” workshop and how you could attend, please head over to:

About Libby Babu Varghese

Libby B. Varghese is a seasoned Registered Patent Attorney with years of experience handling matters related to Trademark Law, Copyright Law, and Corporate Intellectual Property Due Diligence. Ms. Varghese has filed, prosecuted and obtained numerous patents in the U.S. and abroad on behalf of a wide array of clients ranging from individual inventors to large-scale corporations. You can learn more about Ms. Varghese here.