IP Consulting

We are a strategic IP consulting law firm that partners with clients to ensure that existing IP protections are both adequate and flexible enough to ensure broad and deep protection. At the heart of our strategic consulting IP approach are individualization, blueprints, pragmatic planning, and a commitment to accessibility. We work with businesses, individuals, and other organizations that need an independent analysis of their patent portfolios and assistance in the development and execution of an IP strategy.

IP Consulting Services

  • Tailored, Strategic Recommendations and Implementation Plans
    • From local to national, to global: multifaceted approach
  • Assessment of Assets and Valuation
    • Patent Evaluation and Valuation
    • Prioritization of IP Assets
    • Develop Action Plan for Transactions
  • IP Transaction Services and Support
    • Brokerage - Selling and Acquisition
    • Patent and Technology Licensing
    • M&A and Equity Investment Due Diligence
    • Arbitration, Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


We provide strategic advice to our clients with respect to IP and technology matters that arise from licensing, collaboration, research, and development activities. This encompasses issues including the scope of their licenses, revocability and/or transferability of applicable agreements, the effect of corporate structure on such activities, and bankruptcy-related issues affecting their rights under such agreements and succession rights as to such IP.

Scarinci Hollenbeck Technology Law Practice


Our copyright practice encompasses works related to musical compositions, computer software, multimedia, performance arts, written works, paintings, photography, and more. We help our clients avoid unnecessary conflict and maximize the strength and of their creative assets.

Scarinci Hollenbeck's Copright Law Practice