Our Approach

We are proud of the high level of recognition our public practice has achieved throughout the State. Over the years, the firm has had the opportunity of working with some of the largest municipalities and counties in the State, as well as school districts, numerous planning and zoning boards, economic development authorities, utility authorities, and other public entities at every level of municipal, county and state government.

Our approach to public sector practice, together with our diversity of experience, allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive and cost effective services across several disciplines of public law practice.

The legal issues facing public entities today continue to increase in complexity and significance. At the same time, budgetary constraints require that our public sector clients become increasingly sensitive to all public expenditures, including the cost of securing competent legal representation.

With these issues in mind, we have developed our public law practice with the expertise and specialization necessary to serve our public sector clients in a cost-effective and professional manner. We apply this approach in our work on the behalf of the numerous public sector clients we represent.