Are You Overassessed? April 2nd is Approaching…

March 14, 2012
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It’s Tax Appeal Season – Are You Overassessed? Scarinci Hollenbeck’s latest YouTube video post is of Partner, Mark K. Follender, Chair of the Tax Appeal Group.  In this video, Mr. Follender discusses the important question, “Are you Overassessed?” With the April 2nd deadline fast approaching to file for your tax appeals, this educational three minute video, may just help some individuals and small businesses in NJ to determine if they are overassessed.  Being overassessed can be costly so it is important to understand this topic in depth. In this video you will also learn how to find the Director’s Ratio by using the NJ Division of Taxation‘s Table of Equalized Valuations. For more information on tax appeals and finding a trusted adviser in this area, click here. Stop by our YouTube channel or keep tuning in to this blog for our continual updates.