In Geneva, Switzerland, Scarinci Hollenbeck's own Frank L. Brunetti highlighted a presentation at the United Nations Convention. Mr. Brunetti, alongside Jon E. Bischel, spoke to the United Nations Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters about his proposed revisions to the United Nation's Manual for Negotiations of Bilateral Tax Treaties Between Developed and Developing Countries.

This year, Mr. Brunetti informed the committee of the necessary additions to the Manual and outlined the portions to be kept and removed. Once revised, the Manual will result in a tool that will teach administrators in developing countries how to negotiate a tax treaty, how to interpret the treaty and how to manage their tax administration.

Mr. Brunetti is an Observer member of the Committee, where his work with other members of the Committee is focused on encouraging international cooperation in tax matters.

For more information and to see Mr. Brunetti's full report of his presentation, please follow the link below:

Revised United Nations Manual Summary