Dan Brecher Speaks at NYU Graduate School of Business

Dan Brecher was an invited speaker at the recent NYU Graduate School of Business Entrepreneurship Round Table Conference. At the conference, Mr. Brecher presented on topics including, "selecting the appropriate form of business entity", "how to obtain financing for a new business" and "common mistakes made by entrepreneurs in forming, financing and growing their businesses". His talk was entitled, "Traps to Avoid When Starting a Business."

Coincidentally, it was announced at this Conference that our client Anzenna, Inc., had won the 1st Annual NYU Technology Venture Competition. Anzenna received a cash award for further development of their handheld transistor-based biosensor for rapid diagnoses of infectious diseases, such as MRSA, a disease often arising in hospital settings and transmitted through contact and the air.

We prepared and filed the corporate papers for Anzenna, Inc. when it was formed several years ago, and we have assisted and advised Anzenna, Inc. in the development and negotiation of its growth and financing plans.