William C. Sullivan and Patrick J. McNamara Co-Author Energy Efficiency Article

September 3, 2010
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Two members of Scarinci Hollenbeck’s Renewable Energy & Green Initiatives Practice Group, William C. Sullivan and Patrick J. McNamara, recently co-authored an article discussing the financial incentives and installation options available for solar energy and energy efficiency in public buildings and private facilities. The article, “It’s Time to Take a Close Look at Energy Efficiency and Solar Installations”, is featured in the Meadowlands USA Magazine, 4th Quarter 2010 Edition.

Mr. Sullivan and Mr. McNamara write that there are many factors that must be considered when evaluating a solar or energy efficiency project. Financial incentives, funding options and various characteristics of the building and property are just a few aspects that cannot be ignored.

Property owners should carefully review the energy efficiency and solar programs, their criteria and potential benefits with qualified counsel and energy consultants. Scarinci Hollenbeck’s Renewable Energy and Green Initiatives Practice Group includes attorneys with expertise in areas of law critical to making the right decisions on energy investments and then making these projects a reality.

To access the entire article, please follow the link below.
It’s Time to Take a Closer Look at Energy Efficiency and Solar Installations

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