Entertainment, Sports & Media

Scarinci Hollenbeck brings legal and business/real-world experience to our clients looking to quickly and efficiently complete their deals in the world of entertainment and sports matters.

Our Approach

Our Sports and Entertainment Law Group, co-chaired by Ronald S. Bienstock, Esq., and Anthony R. Caruso, Esq. They have significant experience in various sports and entertainment matters. Whether it has to do with individual athletes and celebrities within the sports and entertainment industries, or whole entities pertaining to both, our sports and entertainment lawyers have handled the business and personal matters of athletes and entrepreneurs with undeniable vested interests and integrity. In addition, our entertainment attorneys have worked within the publishing, film, television, music and theater industries.

The Sports and Entertainment lawyers at Scarinci Hollenbeck have negotiated player and coach contracts for the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons, Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, for example. Notably, Anthony R. Caruso, Esq. was at the forefront of advising, structuring and drafting all documentation for the formation and establishment of a new professional sports league which operates under an innovative “for profit” LLC format. He previously served as league counsel for the National Lacrosse League based in New York City, and has represented professional sports teams.

We have provided legal counseling, negotiations, strategy, media supervision and crisis management on a national level in blackmail cases. We have also negotiated and assisted in the production of various reality television and film projects. The previous examples are mentioned not only to illustrate the multi-faceted nature of the industry, but also to outline the various circumstances that have been successfully counseled by our lawyers within the sports and entertainment world. The professional expertise provided at Scarinci Hollenbeck ensures that our clients receive the soundest counsel, and that laws and contracts are successfully constructed, negotiated and adhered to.

Principal Areas of Expertise:

  • Sponsorship and Endorsement Agreements
  • Film and Television Production Agreements
  • Player and Celebrity Employment Contracts
  • Artist Management Agreements
  • Representation of Professional Teams and Professional Leagues
  • Book Distribution Agreements
  • Sale and Acquisition of Professional Sports Teams
  • Author-Agent Agreements
  • Copyright/Trademark Ownership, Registration and Enforcement
  • Idea Submissions and Ownership
  • Talent/Management Disputes
  • Private Financing of Sports and Entertainment Projects
  • Arena/Stadium Leasing
  • NCAA Regulatory Issues
  • Co-Promotion and Strategic Alliances
  • Composer/Music Publishing Agreements
  • Restraining Orders and Other Types of Litigation
  • Right to Privacy/Publicity
  • Tax and Labor Law

In addition, our attorneys handle intellectual property protection, license agreements, franchise and distribution agreements, and all types of commercial leases in connection with the sports and entertainment areas.

  • Negotiation of purchasing of professional sports team on behalf of the client.
  • Acquisition of one of the largest television and film catalogs for rights to various shows and movies
  • Represented clients in contract negotiations to star on reality television shows.
  • General council to both professional sports teams and professional sports leagues.
  • Pitched and negotiated a new game show contract for a major broadcast network.
  • Conducted licensing deals with authorized licensor of a major sports league.
  • Represented student-athletes in disputes with major academic institutions and the NCAA.
  • Negotiation of book to film rights deal.
  • Represented clients in film production agreements.
  • Helped client establish his own record label.
  • Represented charitable organization for licensing agreements with professional sports leagues.
  • Represented individuals in the music industry through various stages of production, distribution, licensing rights, and personal branding.