Workplace Diversity at Scarinci Hollenbeck LLC
Workplace Diversity at Scarinci Hollenbeck LLC


Scarinci Hollenbeck is committed to promoting diversity. We firmly believe that a diverse work environment, including differences in race, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities and religious beliefs enhances our ability to value, understand, and serve our clients. Scarinci Hollenbeck actively promotes diversity in the workplace through action and resolve and fights for equality in society through our organizational affiliations and our commitment to pro bono work.

Diversity Initiatives

Scarinci Hollenbeck utilizes a wide variety of strategies to create an inclusive atmosphere that values people of all backgrounds and experiences.

Diversity Group

The Scarinci Hollenbeck Diversity Group is an eight member committee that proactively works to promote a workplace that embraces inclusiveness in all forms. Through a variety of workshops and training seminars on diversity-related issues, this group fosters and maintains a spirit of openness, opportunity and acceptance. Comprised of minority and non-minority members, including Associates, Partners and professional staff members, the Diversity Group is tasked with devising and implementing measures designed to attract and retain diverse talent throughout every aspect of the firm’s operation. The committee’s achievements include establishment of the Scarinci Hollenbeck Scholarship which awards an educational grant to a student attending a New Jersey law school, development of a program to recruit and advance under-represented minorities and implementation of real-world incentives that encourage involvement in equality efforts outside the firm as a concrete means of furthering the firm’s commitment to social justice. The Diversity Group at Scarinci Hollenbeck is committed to expand on these achievements going forward.

Committee Members

Laura M. Miller, Chair
Sean D. Dias
Christina M. Michelson
Kenneth C. Oh
Ramon E. Rivera
Donald Scarinci, Managing Partner
Nancy Anacleto, Office Manager
Peter S. Moeller, Director of Marketing

Women at Scarinci Hollenbeck (WASH)

Scarinci Hollenbeck’s commitment to promoting women in the workplace has led to the creation of the organization of the Women at Scarinci Hollenbeck, or WASH. Comprised of Partners, Section Chairs, and Associates, WASH hosts lunchtime discussion groups, provides a mentoring program for the women at Scarinci Hollenbeck and was pivotal in implementing a flexible work schedule program that has allowed attorneys and staff the flexibility needed to meet the demands of work and home without unnecessary sacrifice to either. WASH helps to promote a strong, diverse group of working women who are seeking personal and professional growth by discussing issues such as work/life balance, financial planning, and business development. The women’s group at Scarinci Hollenbeck serves to forward our mission of gender diversity and inclusion within the firm and legal field as a whole.

Sheri K. Siegelbaum, Chair
Sandra T. Ayers
Monica E. de los Rios
Julie E. Gendel
Eleanor Grinshteyn
Kara A. Kaczynski
Christina M. Michelson
Frances E. Barto
Laura M. Miller
Shana T. Don
Allison N. Zsamba

Community Involvement

Here at Scarinci Hollenbeck, diversity is not an empty administrative promise. Our attorneys are actively involved in a plethora of organizations and groups aimed at advancing under-represented minorities in the legal profession. Our attorneys are Fulbright professors, recognized Latino leaders and serve organizations like Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, WBENC—Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, the Puerto Rican Bar Association, Hispanic Bar Association and GLBT Rights and Women in the Profession Sections of the New Jersey State Bar Association. These associations serve to enrich our attorneys and help to strengthen our commitment to serve the communities they represent.

Along with outside organizational involvement, our employees devote their time to pro bono work to help directly serve the public through legal services. Attorneys devote their time to work on pro bono civil rights issues such as representing the New Jersey State Bar Association as amicus curiae in the marriage equality litigation (Lewis v. Harris). Scarinci Hollenbeck has also served to defend the Anti-School Bullying Act in a challenge before New Jersey’s Council on Local Mandates. Along with our attorneys, law clerks at Scarinci Hollenbeck are required to log pro bono hours in an attempt to include everyone at Scarinci Hollenbeck in the form’s efforts to better serve the community.

Scarinci Hollenbeck Scholarship for LGBT Student Advocates

Scarinci Hollenbeck has always been a place of inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender attorneys and staff. Our attorneys have worked on important LGBT pro bono issues, including the issue of marriage equality in New Jersey. The Scarinci Hollenbeck Scholarship is one of the first of its kind and supports our commitment to the advancement of LGBT issues within the state. This scholarship is available to any student attending a New Jersey law school that shares and demonstrates Scarinci Hollenbeck’s commitment to LGBT issues. Candidates need not be a member of the LGBT community to apply. Sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Association, this annual scholarship serves to promote diversity in the legal profession and advance the legal needs of those within the New Jersey LGBT community.

Applications can be found in the financial aid office at any New Jersey law school and are made available at the beginning of the second semester. For more information on the Scarinci Hollenbeck Scholarship, please visit the New Jersey Bar Association Foundation website.

Award Year Recipient Name Law School Press Release
2014 Ryann Aaron Rutgers School of Law LGBT Scholarship Awarded To Second-Year Law Student
2013 Nicole Siano Rutgers Law School

Pro Bono Work

Scarinci Hollenbeck is dedicated to representing underserved communities and promoting diversity through our pro bono services. Over the years, Scarinci Hollenbeck attorneys have been involved in pro bono matters relating to important civil rights issues in New Jersey, such as representing the New Jersey State Bar Association as amicus curiae in the marriage equality litigation (Lewis v. Harris), and defending the Anti-School Bullying Act in a challenge before New Jersey’s Council on Local Mandates.

Scarinci Hollenbeck Constitutional Law Blog

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