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Patrick J. McNamara has extensive experience in environmental, redevelopment and land use law and related litigation. His activities include the representation of developers and public entities in preparation of and presentations before land use boards, redevelopment agencies, as well as county, regional and state agencies. Mr. McNamara provides advice regarding compliance for both state and federal environmental programs, as well as local land use ordinances. Mr. McNamara has assisted numerous municipal clients and private sector developers with Brownfield Redevelopment, land use approvals and related permitting issues. Since 1999, he has served as Counsel to the City of Elizabeth Planning Board.

Mr. McNamara also serves as General Counsel to the National Association of Flavor & Food-Ingredient Systems (NAFFS), a national trade association of manufacturers, processors and suppliers of fruits, flavors, syrups, colors, sweeteners and related food and flavor ingredients; to the Chemical Sources Association, a trade association of food and flavor ingredient companies; and to the Society of Flavor Chemists. Mr. McNamara has had the privilege to represent numerous companies in the flavor and fragrance industry. He is an annual presenter at the NAFFS Convention, and he has authored or collaborated on numerous articles on legal developments of interest to the flavor & fragrance industry.

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Title Publisher Date
Are There Trade Secrets Hiding in Those Nooks and Crannies Perfumer & Flavorist November 2010
Economic Espionage and Maintaining Trade Secrets Perfumer & Flavorist August 2010
Navigating the Redevelopment Process Development New Jersey May 2006
Injunction Stopping Issuance of Air Permit Thrown Out on Title VI Grounds Environmental Compliance & Litigation Strategy January 2002
Assessing the New Jersey Redevelopment Law Commerce (The Magazine of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey) January 2002
New Jersey’s Environmental Agenda: Suggestions for the Next Governor New Jersey Law Journal July 9, 2001
High Court Affirms EPA Authority Over National Ambient Air Quality Standards Environmental Compliance & Litigation Strategy April 2001
EPA Becomes Involved in the Genetically Modified Foods Industry Environmental Compliance & Litigation Strategy November 2000

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Municipalities Must Consider the “View” in Granting Height Variance
Posted on Friday November 13, 2015

Municipalities Must Consider the “View” in Granting Height VarianceA recent Appellate Division decision highlights the factors that New Jersey zoning boards must consider when determining whether to grant a height variance under the Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL). In Jacoby v. Zoning Bd. of Adjustment of Borough of Englewood Cliffs, the appeals court found the zoning board erred in failing to consider how […]

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New Jersey Joins Legal Challenge to EPA’s Clean Power Plan
Posted on Thursday November 05, 2015

The EPA Clean Power Plan New Jersey recently joined 23 other states in challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan, also known as the 111(d) Rule. The suit maintains that the EPA’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases unlawfully exceeds its authority. What’s the EPA’s plan? As previously detailed on this blog, the EPA rule establishes interim and final carbon dioxide (CO2) emission performance rates for two subcategories of fossil fuel-fired electric generating units (EGUs) — fossil fuel-fired electric steam generating units and natural gas-fired combined cycle generating units. The overall goal of the Clean Power Plan is to […]

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Conflicts of Interests Pose Legal Concerns for NJ Municipalities
Posted on Friday September 11, 2015

Conflicts of Interests Pose Legal Concerns for NJ MunicipalitiesIn Matula v. Township of Berkley Heights, the Appellate Division refused to dismiss a suit alleging that conflicts of interest prevented a planning board and township council from passing resolutions related a potential property exchange between the township and local church. The majority of members of the Board and Township Council were also members of […]

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Are Space Laws The Next Legal Frontier?
Posted on Tuesday September 01, 2015

As the natural resources on Earth grow scarce, some businesses are looking outside our atmosphere. While sending miners to an asteroid may seem like the plot of a science fiction movie, it could become a reality in the foreseeable future. If this is true, then attorneys may need to start looking into space laws. In 2012, Planetary Resources, Inc. announced that it planned to mine near-Earth asteroids for precious metals such as iron and platinum. The company attracted several high-profile funders, including Google Inc.’s Larry Page and director James Cameron. Several other companies have announced similar initiatives. Although commercial space resource […]

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NJ Appeals Court Upholds Hoboken’s Affordable Housing Ordinance
Posted on Tuesday August 11, 2015

NJ Appeals Court Upholds Hoboken’s Affordable Housing OrdinanceIn Fair Share Housing Center v. Zoning Board of Hoboken, et al., the Appellate Division considered five consolidated appeals filed to determine the enforceability of an affordable housing ordinance adopted by the City of Hoboken. The appeals court ultimately determined that the ordinance was enforceable, overturning the trial court’s ruling. The Facts of the Case […]

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New Jersey State Bar Association (Land Use Law Section; Environmental Law Section - Board of Directors, 2002-2008; Section Chair, 2007-2008; Local Government Law Section)

Board of Directors, Monmouth Ocean Development Council

Board of Directors, Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce

Rutgers Alumni Association (Board of Directors, 1990-2000)

Board of Directors, Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern New Jersey (2007-2010)

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