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Anthony R. Caruso, Esq Bio:

Anthony R. Caruso is a NFLPA Certified Agent, (NFL Player Agent) and an accomplished business transactions attorney with a broad range of significant experience, including negotiation and drafting of all types of deals and contracts including matters such as acquisitions and sales, intellectual property, land use and development, and licensing and franchising. In addition, He has successfully negotiated and structured all types of sports, entertainment and corporate-related projects.

Specifically a noted entertainment lawyer and sports attorney, he has experience in representing artists and performers, coaches and athletes, and various other talent, as well as film, theatrical and television production, music, sports marketing, sports leagues and investment groups involved in sports and entertainment projects. A sampling of his notable transactions include establishing a leading internet based services company, representing a major sports league, film and television projects, multi-year licensing and sponsorship agreements, negotiating franchise and leasing agreements, and structuring private capital transactions for the acquisition and/or establishment of various ventures.

Mr. Caruso gained international attention as an entertainment attorney in his representation of Amy Polumbo, Miss New Jersey 2007, regarding a blackmail situation over Internet photos. He provided all legal counseling and negotiations, strategy, media supervision and crisis management, appearing in all major print and media outlets such as People Magazine and NBC’s Today Show. Mr. Caruso has appeared on Fox, CNBC and NBC as well as various radio shows, and is routinely requested by various syndicated television, news and print media outlets for his advice and comment on current issues.

Mr. Caruso previously served as counsel to former New Jersey Governor James Florio, and was a founding executive of an internet-based real estate services company that revolutionized the way real estate was sold utilizing the technology of the internet. He is the former owner of a professional minor league basketball team. He has served on the boards of various charitable organizations and banking institutions.

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Title Publisher Date
Collegiate Collisions on the Field and in the Courtroom: Will Labor Peace Save Student-Athletes from Further Injury? Journal of Business and Technology Law of the University of Maryland School of Law February 17, 2015
The Donald Sterling Dilemma US Daily Review May 22, 2014
Inside the Minds: Entertainment and Media Law Contract Strategies November 1, 2007
Recruiting Case Takes Center Stage June 1, 2007
The New NBA Wardrobe: Less Bling is an Enforceable Thing Commentary January 30, 2006
How to Succeed in Local Redevelopment June 26, 1995

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NFL Teams Use Offset Language to Avoid Rookie “Double-Dipping”
Posted on Thursday August 27, 2015

One of the few things that a rookie to the NFL may negotiate is what is referred to as “offset language” in his contract. However, chances are, teams won’t be inclined to remove such a clause from a first-year player’s contract. Offset language isn’t a topic typically discussed beyond meeting rooms occupied by agents, players […]

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Everything in Life isn’t Free, but Public Domain is
Posted on Tuesday August 25, 2015

Unlike the two proverbial constants in life, death and taxes, copyright protections do, in fact, end. When they cease, works pass into what is called the public domain, and may be used by anyone. Though there are some exceptions, works in the public domain can be freely sampled, copied and used in any way a […]

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For Athletes, Sponsorship Disputes can Kill the Competition
Posted on Friday August 21, 2015

Sometimes it’s neither drugs, rule violations nor performance that complicate an athlete’s ability to compete, but rather, sponsorship disputes with corporations. U.S. runner Nick Symmonds will soon be calling a sports lawyer, if his prior comments were any indication, to deal with his own sponsorship dilemma. The runner is involved in an ongoing dispute with American […]

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YouTube Stars Aren’t Above the Copyright Law
Posted on Wednesday August 19, 2015

YouTube is an amazing platform that allows users to upload their own videos, but sometimes people, including entertainers, will use copyrighted music to enhance these videos, which could lead them to be muted or removed, or incite legal action. YouTube star Michelle Phan recently reached a settlement with a record label following her use of […]

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Football Players Thrive Off Of Endorsement Deals over Contract Bonuses
Posted on Friday August 14, 2015

Signing your first NFL contract is an important moment The professional sports salary that many people dream of but only a select few actually obtain can be enough to support an individual who handles his finances wisely for a long time. However, many football players have other sources of income besides the teams that signed […]

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Adjunct Faculty, New York University

NFLPA Certified Agent (NFL Player Agent)

Adjunct Faculty, Belmont University

Advisory Board, Capital One Bank

Member, Monmouth University Real Estate Institute

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